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4_19_ff - EMFFORCE EMFFORCE MIT Aero/Astro Introduction...

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MIT Aero/Astro EMFFORCE EMFFORCE Leah Soffer Oscar Murillo •Introduction •Controls •Metrology Formation Flight Subsystem Plan 1
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6/22/2004 ElectroMagnetic Formation Flight Of Rotating Clustered Entities 2 MIT Aero/Astro EMFFORCE EMFFORCE Control Team Deliverables • What we hope to finish by PDR… – Model and Control the stable problem • Using 62X Setup – Model and Control the unstable problem • More like what our system will have to do – Look into rotation problem’s mechanics – Familiarity with control tools • D-Space, Matlab, Simulink, and lab setup – Will be good for future of project!!! •Introduction Controls •Metrology <BAB> The purpose of the TARR is explicit in its name, Trade Analysis and Requirements Review. Specifically, the class hopes to review the requirements that have been levied and the trade analyses that have been conducted. The purpose of presenting this to an audience is twofold: 1. To require the class to polish their work by having to make it presentable to an outside audience.
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