deliverables - Manufacturing report(1pg Due 20 Jan 1p.m(F...

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16.810 Engineering Design and Rapid Prototyping Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics Massachusetts Institute of Technology Design Flow Chart Conceptualization XFoil/Profili Optimization Text file Matlab (optional) Solidworks Cosmos OMAX Water Jet Foam Cutter Assembly + Fiberglass (optional) Wind tunnel testing Critical Design Review IAP 2005 Deliverables Checklist (A) Hand Sketch Due: 6 Jan, 1p.m. (B) 2-D Airfoil Section Drawing/Analysis (2pg) Due: 11 Jan, 1p.m. (C) Initial 3D CAD model of Assembly (2pg) Due: 13 Jan, 1p.m. (D) Final 3D CAD model + FEA analysis + Airfoil Analysis (4pg) Due: 18 Jan, 1p.m. CAM file Foam wing, struts (E) Completed Assembly
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Unformatted text preview: + Manufacturing report (1pg) Due: 20 Jan, 1p.m. (F) Testing, Validation & Cost Estimation report (2pg) Due: 25 Jan, 1p.m. (G) CDR Slide Package + Reflective Memo Due: 27 Jan, 1.p.m Software Requirements: Xfoil/Profili (2D airfoil design/analysis) Solidworks (CAD) Cosmosworks (FEA) OMAX (CAM) Hardware Requirements: Waterjet (OMAX files) Foam cutter (txt files) Materials: Qty (24) 20”x20”x 1/8” thick plate (Aluminum) (24) 20”x10”x ¼” thick plate (Aluminum) (24) 0.5” thick, round hollow rod (Aluminum) (12) Blue-foam (2”x 20”x 40” sheets) (x) Fiberglassing material (x) Hardware (bolts, etc)...
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deliverables - Manufacturing report(1pg Due 20 Jan 1p.m(F...

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