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Space Systems Product Development-Spring 2003 D Carriage Design (ALS) The air carriage system is composed of a CO 2 gas supply system, pucks, and carriage. D.1 Gas Supply A tank containing liquid CO 2 supplies the gas for the carriage. The tank is mounted in a vertical position with the outlet at the top. This ensures a desirable configuration for steady gas flow. During operation, the tank must sit in a warm water bath to keep the tank temperature from dropping too quickly. If the temperature drops too low and too quickly, dry ice chunks will form inside the tank, and not only will some of the gas be unavailable for use, but the flow path could be restricted and the supply pressure could drop. A bath of hot tap water is sufficient to keep this from happening. The high-pressure outlet of the tank (860 psi) connects, via a bottomline hose, to a reducing pressure regulator. The chosen Tescom regulators are capable of reducing up to 3500 psi to a range of 0-100 psi. The EMFFORCE system operates between 12-35 psi. A gauge allows the operator to manually set the desired operating pressure depending on the floor surface. The low-pressure discharge from the regulator is split via a manifold into three flexible tubes routed to the pucks. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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design_final_d - EMFFORCE OPS MANUAL Space Systems Product...

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