11 80211 runs logic runs stopstart reverse speed

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Unformatted text preview: DC Control & Logic Control ► Controlled by Bitsy Single Board Computer Single Runs Linux Runs 802.11 802.11 Runs logic Runs ► Stop/Start ► Reverse ► Speed Regulation Power Transmission Power Design a better, more efficient transmission Design system. Fixed Input - 750W, 5.801GHz signal via waveguide or Fixed coax Fixed Output - circularly polarized microwaves at same Fixed frequency Current design uses waveguides to transmit signal up to Current a hemispherical reflector and back to a parabolic dish, before traveling in a beam up to the rectenna array. Goal - to transmit 400W of power to the rectenna array Goal Rectenna Design Rectenna Design - based on a Texas A&M based design which transmitted power on small scales (10W) scales ► Patch Antennas and rectifying circuitry ► Primary Goals - cheaper and more efficient cheaper (60-65%) (60 ► Secondary Goals - Lighter and stronger (self Lighter supporting) supporting) ► Current Control System Design Control ► Current control s...
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