After testing the first recursion the team discovered

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Unformatted text preview: cts of the initial design be modified. ► After testing the first recursion, the team discovered that the roller configuration was flawed for it could not generate enough torque. ► The team also discovered that the climber was too heavy and flimsy. CURRENT DESIGN CURRENT Modifications Modifications ► ► ► ► ► The team applied the lessons from the first recursion to create a better climber. The team decided to switch to a two motor configuration with 50:1 gear ratio which provides substantially greater torque and weighs as much as the earlier recursion. Polycarbonate is the primary material instead of aluminium. Changed overall design layout to increase stiffness. Included additional design for a more complete climber setup that included mount points for failsafe brakes, guide rollers, belay hooks, payload and electronics. Current Design Current Components ► Motor-roller module ► Payload module ► Electronics module ► Power module ► All modules except electronics module have been modified...
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