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Many of the issues involved are pretty complicated

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Unformatted text preview: ystem is an analog control system supported by an onboard computer ► Requires finding many optimal parameters within the circuit. ► Many of the issues involved are pretty complicated and require us to find a delicate balance Varying-voltage power supply Varying voltage 15kF of capacitors that are restricted to 2.5V 15kF Motors that can act with or against our power circuitry Motors depending on operating levels Gear Ratios Gear ► Current design - Two DeWalt drill motors Two DeWalt drill .667 N/m of torque @ 21000 rpm .667 ► Gear Ratio - 46.7:1 46.7:1 1.4 N/m torque @ at rollers 1.4 “Hi Speed” configuration - 10.5:1 10.5:1 gear ratio gear ► Goals - optimize combination of torque and optimize speed supplied the rollers. speed ► Second Weight Minimization Weight ► Allowed weight - 10 to 25kg ► Current Design Polycarbonate is used instead of aluminum or Polycarbonate steel to cut mass Hollowed out gears Hollowed Weight saving roller design Weight ► Goal – Maximize payload to weight ratio without sacrificing performance....
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