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Structure made of polycarbonate including the roller

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Unformatted text preview: Motor-Roller Module Motor ► Powered by 2 DeWalt power drill motors. ► Structure made of polycarbonate (including the roller) which provides greater strength compared to aluminum. ► Motors are geared to generate necessary torque. Payload and Power Modules Payload ► Solar panels have been replaced by rectanna array so the payload bucket’s status is currently unknown. ► Rectanna array will be attached to bottom of climber via kevlar or wood attachment. Current Design Current Current Design Current Power System Power ► Climber powered by beam source ► Beam source must direct most of its energy at climber ► Turn on/off at a command ► Only a quarter of the total energy can be stored Microwave System Microwave ► Microwave Efficient Efficient Need magnetron, rectennas Need Developing field Developing ► 800 W Magnetron 5.81 GHz 5.81 Diode Vacuum Tube-Oscillates to create Diode Oscillates microwave microwave Microwave System Microwave Microwave System Microwave ► Waveguide ► Directs the extracted RF energy to the antenna ► Antenna Circularly polarized Circularly Helical Antenna Helical Out-of-phase microwaves Out Microwave System Microwave ► Dish/Reflector 14 foot satellite dish 14 Collimates beam Collimates ► Rectennas Rectifiers and Antennas Rectifiers Receives microwaves energy and converts Receives oscillating current to...
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