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16.842 (16.899) Fundamentals of Systems Engineering Assignment 1 Grading Rubric Out: September 25, 2009 Due: October 9, 2009 Systems Engineering Overview, Stakeholders and Requirements (Note: Questions 1-3 are based on the 2007 doctoral qualifying exam question on vehicle design and performance). In total do not spend more than 4 hours. 1. Describe the phases of vehicle design. For each phase, state the objectives of that phase and describe the deliverables. Cite any relevant standards or guidelines. Cite phases pre-A, A,B,C,D,E,F Discuss milestones SRR, PDR, CDR, ARR and what is required at them Cite NASA-SE handbook, and should mention NPR 7120.5, NASA Space Flight Program and Project Management Processes and Requirements. and/or NPR 7123.1, Systems Engineering Processes and Requirements. 15 points 2. Not all budgets are financial. Describe the various budgets that are tracked during vehicle design as well as the process by which margins are allocated. Mass budget: track C.G., total mass (wet, dry), inertia matrix Power budget: peak versus average power [W], on-board storage etc… TPMs: technical performance measures such as range, data bandwidth . . Other budgets depending on particular system
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MIT16_842F09_assn1_sol - 16.842 (16.899) Fundamentals of...

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