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MIT16_842F09_assn3 - Written Qualifying Exam S ystems S...

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Written Qualifying Exam Systems S sfems activities invohrqLJealing with the system as a whole and mitigating the impact o Y complexity. This can include wotking with the system's intemal and external interfaces in an effott to ensure'that the systein's elements or compbrients function synergistically together for some intended purpose oi primaiy behavibr. Additional effort is required to ensure that the designed interacting cornpbnents do not 6xhibitdunwanted or harmful secondaly behaviors. Twq, systems have beer, provided fdr consideration. Please see the attached graphics, Select ohe of these systems and answei the fdllowing questions. , I I) Identify (list) the external interfaces that this system must be compatible with. Note that interfaces may include elements that are , j relaied to L. humans, pperat&$envi&nments, and other engineering systems, m , 2) Illustrate the dynamic character of these interfaces by showing how the exfernal interfaces change with time during a typical operational sequence,
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