nro5_200208 - Electromagnetic Formation Flight Progress...

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Unformatted text preview: Electromagnetic Formation Flight Progress Report: August 2002 Submitted to: Lt. Col. John Comtois Technical Scientific Officer National Reconnaissance Office Contract Number: NRO-000-02-C0387-CLIN0001 MIT WBS Element: 6893087 Submitted by: Prof. David W. Miller Space Systems Laboratory Massachusetts Institute of Technology Formation Design This progress report will focus on the work done on the satellite formation design and trajectory control. This includes the spin-up of satellite formations, angular momentum management, and disturbance rejection. Satellite Formation Spin-Up In order to simplify the problem, the MIT SSL initially looked at interferometer formation flight missions outside the Earths gravity well. Space-based interferometry missions must have a spinning formation in-order to fill the uv-plane. The specific problem that was addressed first was how to spin-up and de-spin the satellite formations using only electromagnets. If the electromagnetic dipoles are oriented perpendicular to one another, shear forces result. This force allows the magnets to move perpendicular to the line between the two magnets. As the two satellites begin to rotate around each other, the magnets are rotated so that their dipoles align, and the formation is held together. The left side of Figure 1 shows two magnetic dipoles initially at rest along the x-axis. The dipoles, represented by arrows, are initially perpendicular to each other. As the formation begins to rotate, the dipoles are rotated so that they provide an attractive force to counteract the increasing centrifugal acceleration action on the spacecraft....
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nro5_200208 - Electromagnetic Formation Flight Progress...

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