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16.810 IAP 2007 Engineering Design and Rapid Prototyping January 10, 2007 Version 1.3 Deliverable A Requirements and Interface Document System: Wireless Power Transmission System Component or Subsystem: Rectenna Array Team Name: Team WERMS (WE Rectify Microwave Signals) Team Member 1: Zack Anderson Team Member 2: Darrell Cain 1. Component Description A rectenna is an antenna attached to a rectifying circuit. In order to power the climber, the rectenna system needs to be able to convert microwaves into DC. The current will then charge up a capacitor array on the climber and power the two onboard motors. Without the rectenna array the climber will not be capable of converting the beamed power into useable current. The higher the efficiency of the rectenna array the better. The design of the current system (for each unit) is composed of a tuned patch antenna, diodes and a capacitor. 2. Functional Requirements 1. Produce the necessary DC voltage output. The motors run at 24v, so in order to avoid use of inefficient DC step-up circuits, the entire array must provide at least 24v. 2. Provide the required current. Since the gearbox has not yet been built and the final climber weight has yet to be determined by the corresponding groups, it is impossible to
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projaanderson - 16.810 Engineering Design and Rapid...

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