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IAP 2007 Engineering Design and Rapid Prototyping January 10, 2007 Version 1.3 Deliverable A Requirements and Interface Document System: MIT Space Elevator Team Beamed Ribbon Climber Component or Subsystem: Microwave Beaming System Team Name: The Naïve-About-Optics Team (NAOT) Team Member 1: Ethan Huwe Team Member 2: Chris Mandy Team Member 3: Arka Dhar 1. Component Description The NASA Centennial Challenges were created to help stimulate interest in the concept of a Space Elevator. The Power Beaming competition at these challenges required teams to design a robotic climber capable of ascending 100 meters of ribbon in 50 seconds. The rules dictate that power for the climber can only come through an external beam, and the use of sunlight is strictly prohibited. MIT’s Space Elevator Team (MITSET) has chosen microwave radiations as the source of power for their climber. It is NAOT’s goal to design the source of this microwave beam for MITSET’s robotic climber. The ability of the climber to meet the required 2m/s average speed relies on the ability of the power source to provide a continuous beam of microwave radiation to the climber’s rectenna array. This must be accomplished despite the rapid oscillations the climber is expected to experience and over varying distances. The rectennas also require a beam of circularly polarized microwave radiation, which must be created and directed toward them even though most common microwave generators (magnetrons) create linearly polarized non-collima Ribbon Ribbon Mast Command and Control Climber Rectenna Beam Beam Source (NAOT’s design) ted radiation. 1
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projadhar - 16.810 Engineering Design and Rapid Prototyping...

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