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16.810 IAP 2007 Engineering Design and Rapid Prototyping January 10, 2007 Version 1.3, Deliverable A Requirements and Interface Document System: ___VDS AHPV____ Component or Subsystem: _____Hub Motor_______ Team Name: _______Web 2.0___________ Team Member 1: ____Eric Conner_________________ Team Member 2: ____Matt Peddie_________________ Team Member 3: ____Harvey Tang________________ 1. Component Description VDS 2.0 needs a new hub motor designed. It's currently using a commercial motor from NGM that produces about 7 kW of power. They need one that meets similar high-efficiency standards but that produces a higher power. Building a hub motor that fits into the existing control and power infrastructure will make things easier for everyone, so we need to build a motor that still takes 3-phase DC power. The hub motor should be powerful enough (i.e. provide enough torque) to drive the car on a road. It should be durable for long-term use and should contain any internal failures (electromagnetic or physical) in a way that is safe for the passenger and bystanders. It should
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projapeddie - 16.810 Engineering Design and Rapid...

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