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projdanderson - Materials Method of Fabrication The PCB...

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Materials Method of Fabrication The PCB will be manufactured using a standard practice known as etching. A substrate is coated with copper, and then a trace, or temporary mask is printed onto the board. The most accessible method for printing the trace is by using silk screen printing, which prints etch-resistant ink onto the board. This coats parts of the copper, so that when the entire board is dipped into chemical solvents, the copper not covered by the mask disintegrates. After this, holes are drilled for through-hole components (although in this his is not necessary). case all the components are surface mount, and t The two mounting plates (the structural plate and the shielding plate) will be fabrica will B ted using the waterjet. Using the Omax layout file, the water/abrasive mixture dispense at high pressure along the cut line. These two plates will be attached together using bolts, and the climber legs will attach to the holes laid out near the center. The PC panels will be mounted to the shielding layer using thermal double-sided foam adhesive.
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  • Winter '07
  • OlivierdeWeck
  • Printed circuit board, labor rate, shielding material, silk screen printing, PCB Manufacturing Advanced

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