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Web 2.0 Hub Motor Manufacturing Document. Eric Conner; Matt Peddie; Harvey Tang 2/1/2007 The motor is an axial-gap brushless DC motor with two stators and one rotor disc. This description might not line up with the illustrations in the CDR presentation due to the rapid development of the system; calculations and discussions have led to further improved designs that couldn't be CADed in time. The motor consists of the rotor disc attached to the axle by two steel cylinders which are welded in place. This axle sits on two conical automobile bearings which hold it in place between the two halves of the polycarbonate safety shell. The safety shell has holes for ventilation, and it doubles as the mount for the stator coils, which are embedded within it. It is held in place around the rotor disc by six steel arms, which in turn are retained by retaining rings and small bolts. The power cables are fed through the polycarbonate shell, and the Hall sensor feeds are run along the outside through a small hole at the very edge. Sections to be manufactured include 1. The Rotor Disc The steel plate should be the appropriate size as ordered. A 1-1/4” hole is milled through the center. Six evenly-spaced 1/4” holes are milled in the plate 1-5/8” from the center. The plate is coated with a thin layer of epoxy. Then the magnets are arranged radially with alternating polarity against the epoxy
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projdpeddie - Web 2.0 Hub Motor Manufacturing Document Eric...

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