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Engineering Systems Analysis for Design Prof. Richard de Neufville Application Portfolio Background Over the semester you will be developing a personal “application portfolio”. This will be a suite of applications of real options methods to a professional issue of your own choosing. You will build it up through a series of exercises that will substitute for many of the problem sets that ordinarily accompany an analytic course. Examples of application portfolios done in previous year are posted on the course web site, at http://ardent.mit.edu/real_options/Common_course_materials/applications.html . These provide you with a concrete idea of where you will be taking this effort. The object of developing this “application portfolio” is to provide you with a worked-out application of real options analysis in an area of interest to you. The expectation is that, by creating this portfolio, you will achieve an in-depth understanding of how real options analysis could be useful to you professionally. This “application portfolio” might also provide you with a good start on some research project or thesis, or be a helpful complement to work you were doing – that would be an added benefit. In general, you are encouraged to develop this “application portfolio” around some research or course project that you might be involved with. Development of Portfolio
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