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16.881 – Robust System Design Homework #8 Robust Design Using Simulations / Design of Dynamic Systems Due Date: Wednesday, 8 July, 1:05, 4-149 Objectives: Gain experience with the techniques for inducing noise in simulations introduced in Phadke Ch. 8 Compare different methods for evaluating noise factor effects on systems. Understand the issues in robust design of dynamic systems introduced in Phadke chapter 9. Assignment In Chapter 9, Phadke describes the operation of a temperature control circuit and his approach to optimizing its robustness. I have provided a Mathcad sheet that reproduces all the the results from Phadke’s chapter 9. This should allow you to experiment with the system and study it and its optimization more deeply. a) Given the S/N ratio at the optimized control factor settings (that is the settings chosen after one round of robust design, R 1 =4.0k , R 2 =5.336k , R 4 =60.0k , E z =7.2V), what would be the variance in R T-ON at the three setting of the signal factor R
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