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MIT OpenCourseWare ESD.71 / 1.146 / 3.56 / 16.861 Engineering Systems Analysis for Design Fall 2008 For information about citing these materials or our Terms of Use, visit: .
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ESD 71 Assignment Lattice Development Summary: This exercise gives you the opportunity to use a lattice and explore its implications. Learning Objective: to help you understand how to develop and use a lattice to project possible uncertainties. Note Carefully: You do not have to do this exercise if you are doing essentially the same as part of your Application Portfolio exercise. (Some students may not be working with time series data and so would not fall into this category.) If in doubt, discuss with instructors. Tasks: 1. Calibrate the Lattice to a situation You are to prepare a lattice for the movement of price of copper. Assume that: The price of copper in October 2005 was about $3700/ton. (In fact the price of copper fluctuates significantly – in 2004, for example, it rose about 50 % and
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