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MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 16.888/ESD.77J MSDO 16.888/ESD.77J Multidisciplinary System Design Optimization (MSDO) Spring 2010 Assignment 1 Instructors: Prof. Olivier de Weck Prof. Karen Willcox Dr. Anas Alfaris Dr. Douglas Allaire TAs: Andrew March Kaushik Sinha Issued: Lecture 2 Due: Lecture 6 You are expected to solve Part (a) individually and Part (b) in your project team 1 . Each person must submit their own Part (a) but you should submit Part (b) as a group. Please indicate the name(s) of your teammate(s). Topics : Multidisciplinary analysis, problem formulation, modeling and simulation, system decomposition Part (a) (a1) Motivation Summarize in 5-10 sentences why you decided to take this class. What do you expect to learn? How does this knowledge fit in with your career or research plans? (a2) Chapter 1 – Principles of Optimal Design In Sections 1.1 and 1.2 of Principles of Optimal Design (POD), the authors discuss hierarchical levels in system definition and hierarchical system decomposition . To answer the questions below, consider one of the following engineering systems: a wind turbine power system, a cable stayed bridge, a plug-in-hybrid electric car, or a submarine. (a2-1) Describe the system boundary that you would choose in setting up a model for your system. What are the inputs and outputs that cross this boundary and characterize your system?
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