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MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 16.888/ESD.77J MSDO 16.888/ESD.77J Multidisciplinary System Design Optimization (MSDO) Spring 2010 Assignment 2 Instructors: Prof. Olivier de Weck Prof. Karen Willcox Dr. Anas Alfaris Dr. Douglas Allaire TAs: Andrew March Kaushik Sinha Issued: Lecture 5 Due: Lecture 10 You are expected to solve Part (a) individually and Part (b) in your project team. Each person must submit their own Part (a) but you should submit Part (b) as a group. Please indicate the name(s) of your teammate(s). Topics : Design of Experiments, Gradient-Based Optimization, Sensitivity, Simulation Code Implementation Part (a) (a1) Design of Experiments Recall the airplane design experiment we did in Lecture 5. Results from this experiment are available in the file "Airplane Design Results (unavailable on OCW)." a) Calculate the mean and variance for each experiment (9 experiments). b) Calculate the effect of each design variable setting (12 effects). c) What are the design variable settings of the predicted optimal airplane? d) Assuming that the effects can be added linearly, estimate the range of the predicted optimal airplane. e) Download the airplane template (unavailable on OCW), build the predicted optimal airplane, and fly it 5 times. Report your results and discuss similarities/differences between the predicted and actual performance. f) If we were now to perform a parameter study using the predicted optimal airplane
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