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UNCLASSIFIED Unclassified Sources of Space Policy and Law • Custom • Domestic and International Laws • Treaties and Agreements Policy Statements and Directives - Presidential - DoD and The Armed Services - Other Government Organizations UNCLASSIFIED We will discuss each of these in the order shown. Custom refers to precedents that have been set in the relationships between nations over many centuries. Obviously, precedents dealing directly with space issues are much more recent and there really haven’t been many incidents. Customs associated with maritime law are related. International law, treaties, and agreements usually remain in effect for a long time. Unless a subsequent law or treaty specifically supercedes an existing law or treaty it is assumed that the effect is cumulative. For this reason, it is important to review the key international laws, treaties and customs that apply to space and space systems, particularly those that have an impact on military operations. Domestic laws have been passed that effect the use of space systems. This includes the approval of budgets by the Congress and the President. US government policy statements and directives do not carry the weight of laws and treaties but they provide guidance and direction for the organization and its subordinates. . They include the combined impact of custom, international law, treaties, agreements and domestic law. A537, Space Orientation Course US Army Command and General Staff College Lesson 1, Intro/Space Policy/Organizations Prepared by: J.H. Barker, ARINC-Leavenworth UNCLASSIFIED
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UNCLASSIFIED Unclassified CUSTOM • Based on maritime law and customs. • Specific differences: Abandoned space materials are still the property (and responsibility) of the launching nation. Not like maritime derelicts and wrecks. • Concept: If not specifically illegal then
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notes1b - UNCLASSIFIED Unclassified Sources of Space Policy...

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