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q4_additivity - response c A very high degree of robustness...

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16.881 – Robust System Design Quiz #4 1) (25%) An increase in 6dB in the nominal-the-best S/N ratio always indicates a) A reduction by about 50% in the standard deviation of the response. b) A reduction by about 50% in the variance of the response. c) An increase by about 400% in the mean of the response. d) An approximate four fold increase in the ratio of mean squared and variance. 2) (25%) A negative nominal the best S/N ratio indicates a) That the mean response is negative. b) That the standard deviation of the response is greater than the mean of the
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Unformatted text preview: response. c) A very high degree of robustness. d) That some error was made in recording of the experimental data or the subsequent calculations. 45deg V o h R 3) (50%) If the response of the system is defined to be R, will the system above be additive with respect to the factor effects of h and V? What if the system response is defined as log(R)? Note: Neglect air resistance and assume acceleration due to gravity (g) is known and constant. 1...
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