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q6_orth_arrays_soln - 16.881 Robust System Design Solution...

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16.881 – Robust System Design Solution to Quiz #6 Constructing Orthogonal Arrays NOTE: You may wish to refer to the table of orthogonal arrays on the last page. The first four problems relate to the catapult experiment. The control factors and their levels are: Cup position – High, Medium, Low Post Pin – Up, Middle, Down Stop pin – Fore, Aft Draw angle -- 10, 20, and 30 degrees 1) If you are interested in main effects only, how many degrees of freedom does the system have? 1 for the grand mean 3*(3-1) for three 3 level factors 1*(2-1) for one 2 level factor 8 DOF Total 2) What experiment would you conduct to resolve these main effects? Explain your choice and name any techniques you applied. The L8 will not work without modification since it has no three level factors. The L9 is probably the best choice. Apply the dummy level technique to turn the two level factor, Stop Pin, into a three level factor. An L18 is the smallest matrix that will accommodate this problem without modification.
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