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Ron Suiter, BSEE Lehigh, MBA USC Ron began his career as an aircraft system designer in Douglas Aircraft Company’s Hydro-Mechanical system design group. He became Unit Chief of the braking system design group directly responsible for the design of the DC-9, DC-10, MD-80 anti-skid, auto-brake, brake temperature and tire pressure monitoring systems. He worked extensively with customers on design requirements, and with Flight Test and the FAA in design verification and certification. He was also the accident investigator for Douglas for all ground handling accidents. Later on President’s staff, Ron became the Senior Manager for Douglas’s Company Operating Plans and later Strategic Plans. In that capacity he was given an assignment by the CFO and VP Ops to understand the systemic causes of DAC’s lack of profitability in the design and manufacture of commercial jets. Returning to engineering, he assisted in the final certification of the MD-11 and as Director of
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Unformatted text preview: Aircraft System design was responsible for Twin Jet and Trijet electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, fuel, and interior systems and headed up the Design Safety process team. Among many other initiatives Ron started a training program for aircraft system designers and the design for manufacturing (DFMA) initiative. Ron completed his career at Boeing as the GM Product Definition for the C-17 Program in the Military Aircraft and Tankers Division. He was responsible for all Product Support and Engineering processes, Flight Test and Pilots groups. Now as an independent consultant Ron has worked with the F-22 program, conducted studies of the systemic causes of expendable launch vehicle first launch failure, studied the causes of cost overruns in RLV programs, and is heading up the National Airspace System strategy simulator decision support project for the Federal Aviation Administration with Nextor Center of Excellence university participation including MIT....
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