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Two Sides of the Moon David Scott and Alexei Leonov with Christine Toomey Review By: Lucy Cohan Two Sides of the Moon , by David Scott and Alexei Leonov, tells the story of the space race through two differing points of view. Scott was an American astronaut who flew on Gemini 8, Apollo 9, and walked on the moon in Apollo 15. Leonov was a Russian cosmonaut and was the first person to walk in space. The book, told in first person, alternates between the two authors, intertwining their stories through a chronological history. It begins at childhood and continues to follow the events of their lives, focusing on both the parallels and differences. The book highlights the differing points of view, centering on how the same event can be interpreted in very different ways by people on opposite sides of the space race. However, a major theme of the book is that the lives of Scott and Leonov were also very similar, even though they lived in such different situations. Both men were fighter pilots in the Air Force, and became astronauts/cosmonauts rather reluctantly. Both subsequently became heroes in their respective countries. Both saw the race to the moon as an end to the space race, and both encountered potentially life-threatening problems during their missions. Both men abandoned protocol at certain points of various missions, saying that the missions would have failed if not for human intervention and intuition. Both shared the same passion for their respective countries and for space exploration. Despite the strong similarities in some of the major themes of their lives, their stories are very different. Scott’s father was a pilot, and he knew from a very young age that he would follow in his footsteps. On the other hand, Leonov grew up in war-torn Siberia in a rather poor
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bok_rev_cohan - Two Sides of the Moon David Scott and...

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