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Michael Collins Carrying the Fire: An Astronaut's Journeys Cooper Square Press, New York, 1974 Critical Review by Elizabeth Deems Michael Collins, pilot of Gemini X and command module pilot of Apollo 11, recounts his experiences of being an astronaut in his book Carrying the Fire: An Astronaut's Journeys . His autobiography is a candid and honest comprehensive overview of his experiences on the Gemini and Apollo programs. Collins describes, for the general lay reader, his experiences in the years of preparation to get to the moon, including the components of the program, the people in the program, and what is was like to live in this intense environment. In the end, Collins also ties the Apollo program into the bigger picture of life and exploration. The author, Michael Collins, chose an Air Force career after graduating from West Point in 1952. He served at Edwards Air Force base as an experimental test pilot, from there applying to the astronaut corps. In his second attempt, he succeeded in joining the ranks of the third group of astronauts at NASA. After NASA classes, training, and serving as part of the backup crew for Gemini VII, Collins was selected as the pilot for Gemini X, where he performed two complicated extra vehicular activities (EVAs) and learned the intricacies of stellar navigation. After recovering from spinal surgery, Collins was chosen to be the Command Module Pilot on Apollo 11, and after the success of Apollo 9 and 10, Collins’s flight was destined for the Moon. In Apollo 11, Collins became the often-termed “loneliest man in the universe” while his fellow astronauts descended to the surface of the Moon. After this ground-breaking and dangerous flight, Collins retired from the astronaut corps to work at the State Department and
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bok_rev_deems - Michael Collins Carrying the Fire: An...

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