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bok_rev_fanchian - Christine Fanchiang Due April 2 2007...

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Christine Fanchiang Due: April 2, 2007 16.895J Book Review The Decision to Go to the Moon ( John Logsdon) John Logsdon’s book “The Decision to Go to the Moon: Project Apollo and the National Interest” is a thorough study of the process in which President Kennedy reached the decision to support America’s lunar landing program during the 1960s. It examines many of the forces that influenced Kennedy’s decision and then analyzes why Kennedy made certain conclusions based on American policy-making aspects. The main impetus for this book is to clarify how the decision was made and what major factors were considered by Kennedy before he made this decision. As Logsdon notes, other authors have suggested that President Kennedy made the decision based on minimal knowledge of the space program and that it was a hasty move on the part of the administration. Logsdon argues against this and asserts that in fact President Kennedy’s decision had a thorough grounding in the technical issues required of space flight as well as clear analysis of the political implications that would be affected by the decision. Logsdon breaks down his book into two parts, the first describes the factors influencing Kennedy’s decision. These include a historical perspective and the origins of the US Space Policy before he was inaugurated. He also reviews some of Kennedy’s and Lyndon Johnson’s background with the US space policy.
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