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16.895 – Engineering Apollo Book Review Assignment on: Two Sides of the Moon by Alexei Leonov and David Scott Jaime Pereira de Mateus 4/02/07 Word Count: 1193
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Two Sides of the Moon relates the first hand stories of an American astronaut, David Scott, and a Russian cosmonaut, Alexei Leonov. The writer, Christine Toomey, does a great job of interweaving the two men’s chronicles into an interesting recount of the space race from both sides of the iron curtain. The narrative is organized in chronological order and begins by contrasting the childhoods of both men. It follows their lives as they progress through the air force, their recruitment into the space programs, and their eventual retirement from the space industry. Leonov lived through some incredible hardships, at one point 11 people in his family lived in a 16 square meter apartment, where Alexei would sleep on the floor under a bed. Scott’s family, while by no means wealthy, always had enough money to live comfortably. Despite this stark contrast they also shared many things in common, both wanted to be pilots from an early age and WWII had a significant impact on their lives. Throughout their careers both men survived several near death experiences, the most publicized being Scott’s Gemini 8 incident with Neil Armstrong where the spacecraft was spinning rapidly out of control. Leonov also had several close calls throughout his aviation career. His resourcefulness in handling these situations became well known and is likely one of the reasons why he was chosen for cosmonaut training. During the Voshkod 2 mission Leonov had another dramatic experience when returning to the airlock after performing the first ever EVA. He found out his suit had deformed and was almost unable to return to the interior of the spacecraft in time. The space race was an arena where the two world superpowers competed and whoever won the
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bok_rev_pereira - 16.895 Engineering Apollo Book Review...

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