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STS.471J Book Review 2 April 2007 Book Summary Tom Kelly’s Moon Lander: How We Developed the Apollo Lunar Module is a first-hand account by its chief engineer of the story of the lunar module (LM) development. Kelly goes into detail about all aspects of the project, including the initial proposal, design, management, manufacturing, testing, and flight. The book opens with the rough acceptance review of the first LM, which grabs the reader’s interest which is then held throughout the rest of the book. After the acceptance review introduction, Kelly takes the reader through a chronological history of the LM development, starting with Grumman’s initial lunar lander proposals up through flying Apollo 17. Along with telling the facts of the development, Kelly also injects some personal thoughts and small side-stories throughout the book to keep it from becoming a dry history book. During the proposal and preliminary design phases, the pure creativity and engineering brilliance is excellently portrayed. It was, in Kelly’s words, “an aerospace engineer’s dream job of the century.” He describes the difficulty and their solutions to building something that has no precedent and initially no specific design requirements. After design, Kelly dives into the management and scheduling side of the project. Using the drawing of all the engineering plans as a backdrop, he stresses the importance of management and scheduling in large, complex projects, such as the LM development. The book then turns back to the engineering side of things by recollecting how Grumman and NASA dealt with weight issues and component testing failures. Once telling how these problems were solved, the final few chapters summarize the LM-specific highlights of each Apollo flight. Closer Examination
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book_review - STS.471J Book Review 2 April 2007 Book...

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