lec13 - Lecture 13 by Joe Gavin Engineering the LEM...

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Lecture 13 Engineering the LEM by Joe Gavin American vs. Soviet programs: - open vs. secret - LOR decision - Kennedy’s firm decision to go to the Moon Naysayers claimed that there was a 10-foot layer of dust on the surface of the Moon that would present problems for landing; engineers chose not to believe that conclusion. No flight tests were done on the crafts, but a whole series of different kinds of tests were devised. On top of that, measures were in place to ensure that each test was testing the system/component/procedure they thought they were testing. Revelation: this machine only has to make one landing, which is an unusual concept to aircraft engineers. NASA’s competition for the LM designer was: We have 20 questions; answer them to the best of your ability, and show that your answers are better than all other conceivable answers. [Image of “paper clip model” of LM.] [Series of photos of the actual LM.] Landing gear was over-designed; they wanted to make sure that the whole endeavor wasn’t ruined by the LM tipping over upon landing, since they’d never designed something to land vertically before. Concerned that dimensional stability and other distortions would mess up the electronics; got NASA to allow them to perform a drop test with the electronics on board. Almost everything worked just fine; there was only one minor problem. The fire of Apollo 1 caused them to realize they needed better protection measures for the
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lec13 - Lecture 13 by Joe Gavin Engineering the LEM...

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