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lec14 - Lecture 14 Designing a Landing Constant tension...

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Lecture 14 Designing a Landing Constant tension between performance and safety; a lot of elements had to be guessed, due to pure uncertainty. - severe weight constraints; every element added had to have a defensible purpose. How do you defend intuitive guesses against these constraints? Slides: - photo of the LM - Schematic: general tools astronaut has to work with - Piece of the computer-generated flowchart that describes user-interface (one of several hundred pages). - “LM Three-phase powered descent,” proposed in lunar landing symposium - Mission planning and analysis division’s logo, with all their signatures, and a cartoon of a cowboy riding a donkey and falling straight down a cliff, symbolizing what they were trying to prevent . This branch ran all the trajectories, did a lot of mission planning; were in operation until the 1980s. - Phases of landing; shows when the radar kicks in. Radar is the only direct measurement of how high the craft is above the surface of the moon; other
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