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Lecture 19 Landing Point Designation Following on the end of Mitchell’s talk last week: Going to the Moon has many characteristics of a religious experience. Armstrong deals with it by saying nothing. Someone else makes these awful paintings of his experiences on the moon. Mitchell does his ESP experiments. Astronauts aren’t trained in how to deal with the transcendent experiences they often have upon going into space or landing on the Moon. On one hand, it’s a shame that Armstrong doesn’t talk at all about his experiences and perspectives. On the other hand, it’s kind of understandable, given his close post-Apollo friendship with Charles Lindbergh, who did make strong political statements after becoming a huge celebrity, which were very naïve and really ruined his public image. Lindbergh advised Armstrong not to make the same mistakes. According to Mitchell at dinner before his lecture here in class, Nixon cancelled the Apollo program because it was the remnant of a Democratic administration. So, it was
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