lec21 - Lecture 21 by Prof Young Human Factors and Life...

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Lecture 21 Human Factors and Life Support in Apollo by Prof. Young There was all kinds of opposition to human spaceflight at the beginning of the space program (Mercury), through Gemini and Apollo, and even today with regards to the international space station. Engineers often felt as if engineering space systems to be able to support life was a burden. Randy Lovelace was, essentially, the dean of post-war aerospace medicine. He laid out 15 technical areas that had to be investigated before sending humans into space. Some people felt that putting humans in space would take attention and resources away from scientific endeavors. One of the most intriguing “basic biology” questions about space is: Does extraterrestrial life exist? And following from that are all sorts of other interesting questions (under what conditions can life exist, what forms does it take, etc). One of the most important “applied medicine” questions was (at the beginning): Can life exist in space? (in a craft) What will be the effects of the different types of radiation to which astronauts will be exposed, and how do you shield against this radiation? There was a lot of ignorance about exactly what the radiation picture was like, in space. Other questions included: What would be the effect of prolonged weightlessness on the cardiovascular systems of the astronauts? What are the as-yet unrealized effects of gravity on this system? What will the effects be on the heart? 1958 HF and Life Science Issues: 1. Administration/organization: not clear how USAF and NASA would divide up various tasks/responsibilities. 2. Acceleration:
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lec21 - Lecture 21 by Prof Young Human Factors and Life...

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