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Lecture 24 General comments on presentations Consensus of judges as to who gave the better oral presentation is Grey Team, due to their greater technical depth. The Red team did better at discussing wider issues, but didn’t go into the technical details as much. The written reports have yet to be read and judged, so the final verdict has not yet been made. Both teams took an impressive, professional approach to the project and did a good job generating new thoughts, building upon the Apollo background and not just relying on the research that was actually done for Apollo. Both presentations were timed well and made good use of handouts. (As an aside, these presentations were allowed more time than is usually allotted for companies trying to
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Unformatted text preview: pitch their conception for a contract). Feedback from students? -45 minutes was barely enough time to really discuss the whole project. -It was really helpful to have the opportunity, with the presentation, to think about and explain the report with a higher-level overview. Question and answer tips: -Sometimes it’s a fine strategy to seed questions in your audience; deliberately mention that you won’t go into too much detail about a particular topic, but people can ask about it if they’re interested -Otherwise, it’s a good skill to be able to answer a question thoroughly but succinctly, so you can quickly give the floor back to the questioners....
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