lec26 - Lecture 26 NASA's Current Plans for Space...

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Lecture 26 NASA’s Current Plans for Space Exploration Slides by Carl Walz; Director, Advanced Capabilities Division Originally given in Houston on May 5, 2007 Goals of lunar exploration Vision for space exploration - is NASA shying away from this vision? - Office of Exploration is currently looking at how we might get to Mars - Lack of attention to biological or life sciences studies; would focus primarily on studying the Moon itself - Examining the technical challenges Why are they going back to using a capsule instead of a shuttle? - could have something to do with thermal protection upon re-entry (so as to not repeat the Columbia accident) - may be due to other design decisions; there are a lot of technically good reasons to use a capsule instead of the shuttle - there’s also a sense of “picking up where we left off” with Apollo (because it was successful) and develop an even better capsule - this also fits into the goal to return to the Moon inexpensively, with already- developed technology - shuttle was supposed to be cheap and reusable; they didn’t realize how expensive it would be to refurbish the shuttles for each new flight; isn’t sustainable
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lec26 - Lecture 26 NASA's Current Plans for Space...

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