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IRWIN 9e 6_25

IRWIN 9e 6_25 - Irwin Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis...

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Unformatted text preview: Irwin, Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis, 9/E 1 E25 The current in Eli—mH ittduetttr is; specified ma t'ttllttwrt. {it} = E] r 0 am = are—1" a :- D Fiml fat the wattage EICI'UF-fi- the ittduetttr. tht the time at which the current is at mttximurtt. 23ml tet the time all which the unit-age it; it mittmtum. SOLUHON: Mt) :OA 4% t<O i(i): 21¢ A 1‘70 (a) VL(1:) : GU ~Ht ,qx VL(1) : 50m [?t(—H)C 4e (2)] We r41 ’ VL(1)= “O‘Hte *O’le ’“(t—w) v Vth): owe VLCi): 0v ,x<O writ: .O'i 9"“ (HUN ,179 (b) Wu trim whim fit) ti» Wuximum JA gramme «mm diu) :0 011 Chapter 6: Capacitance and Inductance Problem 6.25 2 Irwin, Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis. 9/E M : 2?” ~ 8 t 6"” w. 15"” — B71 [WC : O <ch e’mt : 2a,”: 17: (3-le Problem 6.25 Chapter 6: Capacitance and Inductance ...
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