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Film Response- -Can't Afford to Grow Old-

Film Response- -Can't Afford to Grow Old- - Lavallee 1...

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Lavallee 1 Jenna Lavallee PH 129= Healthcare for All TA= Jess Vickery 16 November 2010 Film Response of Can’t Afford to Grow Old The film Can’t Afford to Grow Old addresses the problem of taking care of the elderly. The film interviewed a number of elderly people who are in financial crisis and can’t find the means to support themselves, their family, and the care they need to stay alive. Most elderly want to have home care rather than move into nursing homes. They would prefer to finish out the years they have left in the comfort of their homes where they have built a life for themselves. The second problem, related to the first, is the concept of “spending down”. This term has also been discussed in the textbook and lectures. These are problems that most elderly people have to face at some point. In the film, we see a specific example of an elderly woman who is faced with the future of her care. She has roughly $20,000 left in her savings, however she receives at- home care which costs her about $2,200 a month.
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