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mod 3 class response - Lavallee 1 Jenna Lavallee PH 129=...

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Lavallee 1 Jenna Lavallee PH 129= Health Care for All TA= Jess Vickery 26 October 2010 Class Response Paper #3 1. There are two different positions concerning the health policies in the United States. Both support different perspectives on how the country’s health care system should run. The two positions are liberal and conservative. The liberal position represents social justice, while the conservative position embodies the market justice standpoint. The liberal position in health care stands for the Democratic Party in the US government, which supports public practice and social justice. Social Justice is defined as equitable distribution of health care is a societal responsibility. Along with that, social justice believes that an inability to obtain medical services because of a lack of financial resources is considered unjust (Shi & Singh, Chapter 2). This position of health care believes that all care should be paid for by taxes with no copayments. They support this because they feel a main problem in our country’s health care is the number of uninsured and under-insured people, therefore resulting in a lack of access to basic health care services. It also supports a “single payer” insurance plan, meaning that the US government should get rid of private insurance companies because it costs a
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mod 3 class response - Lavallee 1 Jenna Lavallee PH 129=...

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