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Bio for non majors 6

Bio for non majors 6 - Independent Assortment during...

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Independent Assortment during Metaphase I Austrian Monk and Naturalist Gregor Mendel Pea Plants are capable of self-fertilization or cross-fertilization How to Cross-Pollinate Pea Plants Pea-Plant Characteristics Studied by Mendel Variation within a Pea Pod Crosses Mendel’s Observations: No blending or intermediate colors were observed F1 plants with yellow seeds retained the potential for green seeds Noticed the 3:1 ratio of yellow to green seeds in the F2 Pea plants have a single gene for seed color, 2 alleles Phenotype vs. Genotype Phenotype: a trait, physical characteristic, or physiological feature Genotype: an individual’s genetic makeup Punnett Squares Self crossing of F1 plants (Yy x Yy) produces F2 plants with 3 genotypes and 2 phenotypes Self crossing of F2 plants produces… Mendel’s First Law Law of Segregation Differing traits in organisms result from two genetic elements that separate
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