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Bio for non majors 7

Bio for non majors 7 - soil Genes and the Environment •...

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Mendel’s Laws Law of Segregation Differing traits in organisms result from two genetic elements that separate during gamete formation Law of Independent Assortment Different traits are inherited independently of each other Incomplete Dominance The heterozygous phenotype is intermediate between either homozygous phenotypes Codominance Two alleles of a given gene have different phenotypic effects with both effects manifesting in organisms that are heterozygous Codominance Example: cattle coat color Multiple Alleles Example: Blood Type Polygenic Inheritance Genetic character determined by the interaction of multiple genes with each gene having a small additive effect on the character Examples: height, skin color, eye color… Genes and the Environment Hydrangeas: genetically identical, flower color determined by the acidity of the
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Unformatted text preview: soil Genes and the Environment • Siamese Cats: – Born with light fur – Allele for dark hair is only expressed in cooler areas of the body Modes of disease inheritance Autosomal Dominant Disorders – A single faulty allele can cause damage even when there is a second functional allele Autosomal Recessive Disorders – A single faulty allele is NOT sufficient to cause damage. – Heterozygous individuals are carriers X-linked Disorders – Disorders controlled by genes on the X chromosome • Example of an X-linked disorder: Colorblindness • Pedigrees • Example Pedigree: Family history of colorblindness (X-linked) • Pedigrees • Example Pedigree: Analysis of a family history of albinism (autosomal recessive)...
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