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Biotechnology Transgenic biotechnology Reproductive cloning Stem cells Forensic biotechnology Genetically modified crops Gene therapy Clone: to make an exact copy of Transgenic organism Examples: Bacteria that produce human growth hormone Goats that produce therapeutic human proteins Generating transgenic bacteria Use restriction enzymes and plasmids to create recombinant DNA Transform the recombinant DNA into bacteria Restriction enzymes Restriction fragment: Sticky ends:
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Unformatted text preview: Plasmid Creating recombinant DNA plasmid Recombinant DNA: Transgenic organisms are used to generate medicine Examples of human drugs made using transgenic bacteria Human growth hormone Human insulin Other organisms are used to made medicine: Bacteria Yeast Hamster cells Mammals Transgenic mammals Example: goats producing antithrombin (prevents blood clots) in their milk How do you get a goat to express a human gene?...
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