Social work family structure

Social work family structure - System Levels – Social...

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Functions of the Family Reproduction Economic Services Societal Order Socialization Emotional Support The Bad Old Days? Past structure of stable, traditional, multigenerational families often romanticized In reality, was supported by racism, sexism, classism Respect for parents/obligation for elders based on control of resources, reinforced by sanctions against those who did not go along with the dominant group Family as a Social System Complex interplay of interconnected parts Bidirectional interaction Dynamic, progressive, and ever-changing Situated in a larger social context Made up of subsystems Hierarchies Triangulation Boundaries The family includes the entire emotional system of all living generations No family relationships are entered by choice, except marriage New members join through birth and marriage; members leave only through death
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Unformatted text preview: System Levels : – Social, cultural, political, economic – Community, work, friends – Extended family – Nuclear family – Individual Interactional Processes • How does the family communicate? – Feedback (negative or positive) • Family roles • Family rules • Family narratives Stress • Family stresses occur around life cycle transition points which may create disruption • Can be normative or non-normative – Vertical stressors: • Family patterns • Myths • Secrets – Horizontal stressors: • Developmental (e.g. life cycle transitions) • Unpredictable (e.g. chronic illness, accident) 4 Types of Stress • One family member with the outside • Whole family with outside • Family transition points • Idiosyncratic problems...
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Social work family structure - System Levels – Social...

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