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Social Work- Interviewing Social work skills Interviewing Skills Reflection of Feeling Paraphrasing Open- and Closed-ended Questions Clarification Summarization Information giving Interpretation Confrontation Social work skills Reflection Verbal So what I hear you saying is that you feel sad You sound pretty angry Non-verbal Sensitive to client’s big smile when talking about pet’s death. Social work skills Paraphrasing Used to confirm the meaning client attached to the message
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Unformatted text preview: Restate what client said in your own words • Open-ended questions General questions to more specific Cannot be answered • Closed-ended questions Bring focus to an issue Yes/No; #; birthdate • Clarification Identify what client Feeling Thinking Experiencing Used when do not quite understand what the client is talking about • Summarization Pull together relevant subjects into a composite response • Information giving Resources...
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