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social work empowerment - • Low education rate Values...

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Empowerment What is empowerment? How is this term used by social workers and SW agencies? How is empowerment both a process and a product? What Does it Mean to Empower? To give power or authority; To give ability to; To enable; To make powerful, give strength and validity; Process of gaining power, developing power, taking or seizing power. Concepts Empowerment reside in the person, not the helper or social worker Addresses oppression, stratification and in equality as social barriers Does not blame people/communities for lack of resources and power Rejects that problems develop because of personal deficiencies African Americans Disproportionately in poverty Disproportionately in the criminal justice system Many grandparents are primary caregivers of children ‘Grandparents who Care’ example Hispanics Faster growing group in U.S. Disproportionality in poverty
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Unformatted text preview: • Low education rate Values Often Characterizing Hispanic Families • Common language • Family bonds • Personalismo • Machismo/marianismo • Spirituality – Espiritismo – Curanderismo – Santeria LGBT People • Need for nondiscrimination laws • Recognition of same-sex relationships • Family policies for LGBT parents • Harassment/violence • Housing • Employment Women • Earn less at every education level • More likely to be poor • Women of color face double oppression • At-risk pregnant women – ‘Shared Beginnings’ example Spiritual Communities • Define ‘spirituality’ • African American youth example – Church as part of extended family – Support children's resilience • Navajo community example – Role of elders – Extended kin – Importance of home...
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social work empowerment - • Low education rate Values...

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