Social Work empowerment pt. 2

Social Work empowerment pt. 2 - Vision cannot be corrected...

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Developmental Disabilities 5 attributes: Severand chronic resulting from impairment Occurs before age 22 Likely to be permanent Results in functioning limitations Need for lifelong supplemental assistance Cerebral Palsy Problems in muscle control Results from brain damage before or during birth Problems in balance, walking, and movement May involve psychological impairment Epilepsy Caused by burst of electrical activity to the brain Can result from any brain injury Can be born with it or develop it Hearing Impairment Can be mild to severe Can influence ability to speak, communicate, and learn Visual Impairment
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Unformatted text preview: Vision cannot be corrected and functioing is affected Orthopedic Problems • Difficulties in the function of muscles, bones, and joints • Affects movement • May be genetic or result from injury, disease, or accidents Autism • Characterized by 4 conditions: – Intense inner focus – Difficulties communicating – Repetitive self-stimulation – Intense obsession and/or limited range of interests • Spectrum has a wide range of functioning Cognitive Disabilities • 3 criteria: – Below average intellectual functioning – Significant limitations in functioning – Onset must be before age 18...
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