social work engagement 3

social work engagement 3 - Assumptions remain assumptions...

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Data Collection Only when information can be verified as fact can it become data Organize collected data under three headings Problem Person Environment Gathering Data The most direct means of gathering data is through questions and answers in a personal interview In addition to the direct approach of questioning, social workers can also find answers through Listening Observing Secondary sources Fact Versus Assumption This is a critical area for social workers Therefore, we will be spending the bulk of this week examining this very important distinction. Facts answer the question: is this true or false? Assumptions may be either true or false Let’s put this a different way: Facts are verifiable
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Unformatted text preview: Assumptions remain assumptions until they are verified or proven false Problem: Need Concern Issue Difficulty Need to look at: Scope Duration Severity Person Central concern is the coping capacity What are the person’s strengths in dealing with this problem Physical Psychological Intellectual Economic Spiritual Motivation Environment Formal resources Informal resources What are the environmental resources that may have a negative impact on the person and that may exacerbate the problem? Recording Data Process Recording Summary Recording Problem-Oriented Recordings SOAP DAP...
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social work engagement 3 - Assumptions remain assumptions...

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