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Sociology 2

Sociology 2 - o Female xx o Male= xy There is a wide...

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Sociology Sex vs. gender Sex refers to biological make-up Gender refers to the social, learned expectations and behaviors associated with members of each sex Gender comes from the Indo- European word meaning “to generate” Biological arguments Science is about objective facts They seem to correspond so well with our cultural expectations of gender Justify differences and make in “nobody’s fault” Genes and difference studies of identical and fraternal twins show that genes explained about 201 to 481 of the differences in sex between genetically related twins o that means environment explains about 52 to 80% of differences How are sex differences produced? Mother carries x chromosomes; father carries y chromosomes
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Unformatted text preview: o Female- xx o Male= xy There is a wide variation of chromosome variation Having xx chromosomes does not necessarily make on “female” Hormones • chemicals produced by the endocrine system that circulate through the body o progesterone, estrogen, testosterone Both sexes have all hormones, just at different levels Prior to puberty, boys and girls have the same level of sex hormones Hormones and aggression • on average, males are more aggressive than females • females are no less aggressive than males when provoked or such behavior is considered acceptable Testosterone doesn’t cause aggression, it exaggerates the aggression that’s already there...
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