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Sociology 4 The gender system Gender socialization the lifelong process by which the expectations of how we are supposed to act are taught and learned through gender socialization, men and women learn the expectations associated with their sex not everyone is perfectly socialized to conform to these expectations Hegemonic cultural beliefs the process by which the dominant culture maintains its dominant position Difference vs. Dominance Formal sanctions- legal (codified) rules that enforce gender norms Informal sanctions- extra-legal (not codified) rules that enforce gender norms
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Unformatted text preview: (e.g. a look, a gesture, a comment) Agents of socialization • parents • teachers • peers • media • religion Early childhood socializations • stereotyping newborns • parents tend to be stricter with boys • parents encourage sex- stereotyped toys Family and socialization • families are a strong prediction of who we will become • Life expectations for the child: children are prepared for a specific type of work world based on their gender Anticipatory socialization • children are trained from a young age to do a certain thing in the future...
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