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Sociology 5 Childhood and Beyond *Ideas of femme fatale babies and jock- aggressive boy babies are “perpetuated by whatever behavior fits the stereotype, and whatever behavior does not fit is discarded. It becomes invisible, quickly discarded”. The challenges of studying children children are socialized, but also are active learners Parents as primary socializers shown in gender differences in toys household chores are different whether or not the mother works outside the home is a major factor Peers and secondary socializers play and social interaction Gender in the schoolyard studies of children at play- homogenous groupings by gender as children got
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Unformatted text preview: older • sanctions to violators of gender • Gender Transgression zone o Defined as: areas in which one gender enters the other realm of social control • popularity= power What all this means • Hand clapping games are considered girls games- boys have been socialized to think that it is not acceptable to play these games ( in doing so, they are crossing the line) Gender deviant • moving from your accepted gender zone/ role to another Sanctions • codes and rules that enforce societal norms...
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