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Sociology 7 - o Later marriage o Increased divorce rates o...

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Sociology 7 Media Myths - love has no social rules o Theory of Associative Mating People choose sexual partners who are like them: race, education, age, religion o Why don’t opposites attract Proximity, comfort, shared interests This minimizes the risk of sex Approval of friends and family - single people have more sex that dull married folks o who is having sex? Married people have more sex than single people 1/3 of adult Americans have sex twice a week 1/3 have sex once a month the rest have sex a few times a year - Most Americans have lots of sexual partners o According to surveys , the median number of lifetime sexual partners is : Male- 7 Women- 4 The number is different because women tend to subtract partners, while men tend to exaggerate - More sexual partners: why o Earlier first intercourse Average is about 15 years old
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Unformatted text preview: o Later marriage o Increased divorce rates o More time outside marriage The more education a person has, the more sexual partners they are likely to have-most married people cheat o 94% of Americans think extra- marital sex is wrong o 90% of women and 75% of men said that they had never had sex with anyone else during their marriage Where do myths come from? Sex sells-Normal sexuality isn’t a good plotline- but an affair, a crazy pair of star- crossed lovers? That’s good tv. Dangers of these sex myths-we think that having lots of sex is the only way to get a partner to like or love us-we feel bad about our bodies and the way our bodies look during sex-it makes extramarital sex seem commonplace and “no big deal”-‘’[‘violence against women is normalized...
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